Mac Tune-Ups

Computers, like cars, need a “tune-up” every now and then. Data and hard disk directory maintenance is needed to keep things running smoothly. If your Mac feels like it’s not running like it used to, we can help.

Whether you simply want a way to share files between employees, or you need a fully managed enterprise network with VPN, we can provide the solutions that will have your business’ productivity soaring to new heights. Here are some of the more typical services we offer, but they are by no means exclusive. Allow us to analyze your IT needs, we’ll pitch you tools and solutions you probably didn’t even know were possible. And if you just need somebody to keep your existing network running without a hitch, KolaSystems has you covered.

Business Services

Time To Grow

. . . and Room to Grow

Secure Private Network Access

Virtual private network (VPN) access enables your users to take advantage of network services while they’re offsite and simultaneously prevent access by unauthorized individuals. KolaSystems can setup standards-based L2TP/IPSec and PPTP tunneling protocols to provide encrypted VPN connections for Mac and Windows systems — and even Apple’s iPhone. These VPN services use secure authentication methods, including MS-CHAP and network-layer IPSec.

On-Site Support

Having Issues with your network, server, or computers? Straight and simple, KolaSystems will come on-site and have your business running efficiently in no time. We can even suggest strategies to increase productivity and reduce down time, increasing overall profitability.

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Windows to Mac: The Switch

If you're a PC user who has just switched to the Mac, we know things can be different. Let us help the transition by migrating your data correctly. We can make sure you have all your email, contacts, and personal data working the way it should in the Mac OS environment. We can then properly introduce you to the legendary Mac OS with friendly effective training.

RF Design and Optimization

Put the latest tools and innovations to work to increase the capacity and performance of fixed wireless networks. Successfully implement new applications and services in-building, on-campus or across a wide area network.

File Sharing

Whether you’re supporting a creative team, a distributed sales force, a class of multimedia students, or just about any small business or workgroup, you know your users need to share information to work effectively. KolaSystems can set up a file sharing system that makes it easy to share folders and exchange files between Mac and PC systems.

Client Management

KolaSystems can simplify system administration by providing centralized directory-based management of users, groups, and computers across your organization. For example, we can help you create standardized desktop configurations, set preferences, and establish password policies, as well as control access to hardware, software, and network resources.

Backup Systems

KolaSystems can design a backup system that works for your network and needs. Backup your system files, applications, accounts, preferences, music, photos, movies, and documents. Use Time Machine to see how your system looked on a given day — so you can revisit your Mac as it appeared in the past.

Secure IM and Video Conferencing

Let KolaSystems bring the collaborative power of instant messaging to your organization. Now your workgroups can choose any number of ways to communicate among themselves or with others outside the group. They can transfer files securely, share a persistent chat room, conduct a video conference, or even broadcast a presentation, movie, or photo slideshow to other users for a full video conference presentation. We can implement secure instant messaging for users on the network that can integrate with your organization’s directory service for user account information. The directory also handles authentication, ensuring that whoever is logging in under a screen name is really that person. And since all text messages and file transfers are encrypted, information sent through your server is kept secure and confidential.

QuickBooks for Windows Multi-User Mode Integration

QuickBooks is the accounting standard for most small businesses. Unfortunately, QuickBooks for Mac is not on par with QuickBooks for Windows, forcing Mac based businesses to bend over backwards for their only viable accounting solution. QuickBooks for Windows Multi-User Mode integration with Mac OS based networks is our specialty. We have proven and reliable setups that will make using QuickBooks for Windows painless on your Mac network.