Windows to Mac: The Switch

If you're a PC user who has just switched to the Mac, we know things can be different. Let us help the transition by migrating your data correctly. We can make sure you have all your email, contacts, and personal data working the way it should in the Mac OS environment. We can then properly introduce you to the legendary Mac OS with friendly effective training.

Mac & PC Tune-Ups

Computers, like cars, need a “tune-up” every now and then. Data and hard disk directory maintenance is needed to keep things running smoothly. If your Mac or PC feels like it’s not running like it used to, we can help.

So You Bought a Personal Computer.

Kola Systems Can Make It Work For You.

Home users need on-site support too. We’re here to help you accomplish anything you need at home. Whether you just want to check your email and browse the web, or if you’re the type of person who runs their home network like it’s a Fortune 500 company, we’ve got you covered. Below are just some of the many services we provide. Listed or not, if there is anything you want to accomplish at home, we can provide a quality solution.

Home Services

On-Site Support

Having problems with your home network or computers? With an expeditious and courteous house call, Kola Systems will have everything back to normal (to be honest, probably better than before).

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