“Our post systems failed; we lost 6 months of footage. KolaSystems came, recovered all our data, and had our systems up and running more efficiently than ever. We were even on schedule and under budget!”

- Kevin Moon, Director | GeMext Films

“Our studio recently converted from PCs to all Macs. We went through a few Mac guys who cost us a fortune, but then we came across KolaSystems. They are so cool, easy to work with modern mac gurus, and can set anyone up from a personal single mac to a complete high end home network or business network for large companies, fair prices and amazing customer service.”

- Sheri Geoffreys | Sheri Geoffreys Photography

“We have never entrusted more to an outside entity. The heart of our business rests in the hands of KolaSystems . . . and we don’t lose a second of sleep.”

- Nicholas David, CEO | BenchMark Design

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“No problem is too big or too small for Kola Systems. They respond quickly. They work efficiently, and when they leave, the problem has left with them.”

- Holman Garay | HG Wetworks