Data is essential in running your business and almost everyone has heard all the stats about data loss.  We aren’t going to bore you with those stats, but instead ask you to play out a little scenario in your head.  If you walked into your server room and shut down your servers and internet access, how long would it take for you to start yelling?  When do you start losing money?  When does panic set in?

Now, you might not panic if YOU shut down your servers, but what if it’s a hardware failure or unpreventable disaster?  Can you recover quickly?  What’s the hourly rate that it will cost you to be down? (quick math, take your average hourly wage for your staff, multiple it by your head count and that’s a rough cost of your downtime per hour without even factoring in lost sales).

We think that data backup and recovery is the most important service you could ever sign up for.  Our support engineers can help create a customer backup plan for your company based on your tolerance for pain.  We factor in how fast you need to recover, how much data do you have, where is all the data stored (the cloud, servers, both) and more to create the perfect backup and disaster recovery plan for your company.

With Data Backup And Recovery Services With Us, You Will Benefit. Here's How:

Plan for unexpected issues

They happen to everyone, and they can happen at any time. Our disaster recovery plan will let you sleep easy at night, knowing your covered in the event something unexpected happens.

Safeguard and defend your business

Bazar Solutions protects your data, network, and systems from hacking or virus threats so you can focus on more important issues. We can restore you data quickly in the event of a ransomware attack – nobody wants to pay the bad guys!

Don’t wait long for recovery

When your network does go down and data is lost, we'll have it back for you in no time.